Hotel for Hope Campaign

We need money to buy or rent a larger building somewhere in the southern half of Florida to help Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County families to rebuild their lives and start over.

There are Three (3) challenges:

(1) Donate any amount to Charlies Angels Outreach;

(2) Take the $5.00 donation challenge by donating $5.00 to Charlies Angels Outreach and ask others to match your $5.00 donation to Charlies Angels Outreach; and/or

(3) Become a monthly donor making an set amount of a donation to Charlies Angels Outreach each month.  This challenge involves you giving a donation and then challenging a friend or family member to do the same.

... Or, you can donate a lot more to help bring this project to reality.  It's that simple! 


This fundraiser will allow many homeless individuals and families to have a roof over their heads, and those victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse to not only to have a roof over their heads, but have a safe and secure place to live without stress and feel safe without feeling like a burden to others until such time as they have been able to get back on their feet and move on.

Our hope is to give theses people and families a time to rebuild and stabilize their lives to have a better future.  For the homless, hopefully they will never be homeless again, but even if they slip, we will be here to lift them up.  For those who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, we offer comfort, time for healing, and security and protection to give them to timne needed to heal.  We will be a safe haven for all people, surrounded by a loving and family environment.

This hotel or residential building will be operated by the Charlies Angels Outreach Staff and the Resident Homeless, which we hope will create self worth and training for future employment.  All of these people and families at the Hotel for Hope will be receiving medical and mental health counseling.  We will also have support groups covering many areas such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental abuse, and sexual gender preference and OEA, etc.  We will work close with Law Enforcement and other Public and Court Officials and Agencies to provide a safe place at Hotel for Hope until permanent placement is provided.  This will help keep individuals and families out of harms way.  This will also offer a place where local homeless people and families can come for a meal or clothing.

Teachers can send families that may be just having a difficult time who just need a little help.

This will be more than a housing facility for the needy.

Either donate an amount your heart is burdened to donate or sponsor this project by giving a loan.  We need help immediately to bring this Hotel for Hope to an immediate reality.



Without sacrifices, you don't have achievements; Without achievements, you can't appreciate the sacrifices.

     The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon,
      but that we wait so long to begin it.