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Our Projects - Safe Houses


Charlies Angels Outreach works to stop domestic and sex abuse volence against women and children, save them from getting killed, sexually abused, and from further harm and abuse, then help them rebuild their lives and live productive lives!

Charlies Angels Outreach operates what are called "Safe Houses" through our various Churches and Church groups.  "Safe Houses" are places (houses, apartments, warehouses, trailer homes) that are used to place people and families in danger of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  The locations of these Safe Houses are only known to top Charlies Angels Outreach Staff, State Protective Services, and State Law Enforcement Departments & Agencies. We rent or buy a house, apartment or trailer home, then furnish it, then make it available to those who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse to take them out of the cyles of domestic violence and sex abuse.

Charlies Angels Outreach intervenes in the situation to stop the abuse and give the victims a temporary home of comfort, joy, counseling, medical attention, food, clothing, and help that allows them to rebuild their lives and families.  These Victims are placed with us until law enforcement, The Courts and Family protective services can work out a solution to keep these victims safe, which will allow them to rebuild their lives.  Most of the times, when we pick-up a person or family for protective placement, they have to leave in a hurry with only the clothes on their backs (or no clothes) and what they can carry.  Most times they leave with nothing but the shirts on the backs.  It is a traumatizing event for everyone when we have to go pick them up and place them into a protective environment in a Safe House.

The character and nature of operating Safe Houses and protecting these vulnerable Victims take on a whole new dimension in keeping families and children safe compared to other charitable or Religious work.  We are volunteers, we spend money out of our own pockets, and we take risk of harm and death to protect this vulnerable group of people.  Keeping a person or a family safe and keeping them moving until Law Enforcement and the Courts can intervene, takes human effort, generous donations from people like you, and good transportation.

Recently, several of our Safe Houses in Southeast Florida were compromised (the perpetrator finds the location of a Safe house - which does happen), and we ran out of space, and we ran out of money to rent or buy additional housing, which forces us to find new locations  Then, our Pastor's van broke down, which is one of the main vehicles to do the work, since he uses it to transport people and look for new Safe Houses, run supply errands, etc.,

It takes a lot of money, time, energy, and resources... and a lot of creativity, to keep people and families safe.  When a spouse, relative or friend who is causing the violence and abuse finds out where we are keeping their Victim(s), we then have to immediately find another suitable Safe House location, and move them once again.

All of our efforts are good, but not good enough.  We can not keep going without money.  We are exhausted and out of funds presently, and using our wits, common sense, and doing other things, just to keep these vulnerable Victims safe and alive, and assisting them to testify freely in the Courts without fear of reprisal or death.

Yes, Folks, there are people out there who just go blind and nuts when they cannot control a situation and want to go after the Victim(s) and try to hurt them or stop them from testifying... or even worse, will kill them and then commit suicide.  We deal with this everyday, confidentially!

We URGENTLY need money to open Safe Houses, buy food, clothing, toys, medicines, help train and find these people jobs, to buy a Van or two for transport of people and to transport goods and supplies.

I pray that you take a moment to view our site and see how important our work is, then have a burden on your heart to donate anything, $1, $3, $5, $10, $100, $500, or much, much more, or find it in your heart to help finance a project, to help save lives today.  Please search your heart for compassion to donate today!


Without sacrifices, you don't have achievements; Without achievements, you can't appreciate the sacrifices.

     The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon,
      but that we wait so long to begin it.